To help your money feel better, I want to share with you products and services that I recommend.  Please note, these links could be affiliate links.  That means I could be compensated for introducing you to the product.  I only accept affiliate links for products that I trust.  I pass up many opportunities that, while profitable for me, could hurt your money.


Lending Club — borrow money from strangers

Lending club is a peer-to-peer lender.  What’s that?  They bring together people who want to borrow and lend money.  For the borrower, you can get a rate lower than a bank or credit card loan.  For the lender they can get a better return than depositing the money in the bank.  All loans are for 3 or 5 years.

If you get a loan funded through Lending Club, you would pay Lending Club which then deposits the money into the lender’s account.  So, you never know who your lender is.  Chances are you will have dozens of people lend you a small amount of money to reduce their risk.  Clicking on the link will let you check your rate without affecting your credit score.

If this interests you, contact me so we can work Lending Club into your money plan.