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Where to open and fund your Roth IRA

Enough planning.  It’s time for action.  2 months left to open and fund your 2013 Roth IRA.  For the past 4 month I have been introducing you to the Roth IRA (See here, here, here and here).  Today we will cover opening and funding the account. The Roth IRA is a type of account you […]

4 Months Away! Roth IRA Deadline Approaching

Welcome back.  Let’s keep learning about Roth IRAs.  Today, with the deadline to make your 2013 contribution just 4 months away, I will cover the rules for using your Roth IRA before you retire.  Part of me hates to mention this information since tapping into your Roth IRA before retirement does not make your retirement […]

Countdown to Roth IRA Contribution Day

5 Months to go! The Roth IRA deadline for your 2013 contribution is just 5 months away.  Today I will cover rules for regular and Roth IRAs which will highlight why I am crazy about Roth IRAs. Retirement Withdrawal Rules I know.  You may not have opened or added anything to your IRA and I […]

Countdown to Roth IRA Contribution Day (Formerly known as Tax Day)

Today is October 15th which is exactly 6 months from April 15th.  Let’s not dwell on income taxes today, but instead let’s think about your Roth IRA.  This little account is an incredible opportunity that you have for your money future.  Every client I meet with I stress the importance of a Roth IRA as […]