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Money Saving Tips — no pinching pennies on this site

2nd Quarter Credit Card Bonus Categories

Anyone planning  to spend money on their house before June?  You better sign up quickly for this bonus category from the 3 major cards with bonus categories.    These cards (Discover It, Chase Freedom and Citibank Dividend )  give you 1% back on all your purchases and every quarter highlight bonus categories that give you 5% […]

11% rebate on Menards gift cards

Companies rarely discount gift cards.  After all its just like money.  When they do you need to investigate. Menards is giving a 11% rebate on gift cards through Saturday January 11th.  Let’s see if this is a good deal. If you live in the upper  Midwest you know  you can save big money at Menards.  […]

First Quarter Credit Card Bonuses

Welcome to 2014.  Let’s get some extra cash.  For doing something we already do.  If you have a Discover it, Chase Freedom or Citi Dividend credit card, there are new spending categories for the 1st quarter of 2014.  To review, these cards offer 5% cash back on certain types of spending.  All other spending gets […]

Buy December 18th — Ship for free

Warning – Christmas is happening.  Wednesday leaves just 7 days until the big day.  No fear – you can still buy online and have it shipped by Christmas Eve for FREE!  Check out the site  There you will find hundreds of online merchants that promise free shipping with no minimum purchase to everyone on […]

Flexible Spending Accounts just got better

Let’s talk about your health care.  No, this is not a political post. But the government has changed a rule for your Flexible Spending Account. If you receive health insurance from your employer you probably have the option to fund a Flexible Savings Account (FSA).  This account allows you to save up to $2,500 a […]