2nd Quarter Credit Card Bonus Categories

Anyone planning  to spend money on their house before June?  You better sign up quickly for this bonus category from the 3 major cards with bonus categories.    These cards (Discover It, Chase Freedom and Citibank Dividend )  give you 1% back on all your purchases and every quarter highlight bonus categories that give you 5% back.  For the second quarter (April 1-June 30th) here are the spending  categories directly from their web sites.

Discover It — Home Improvement and Furniture stores, plus Bed Bath and Beyond

Chase Freedom — Restaurants and Lowe’s

Citibank Dividend — Home Depot, home furnishings and Home & Garden stores

To get this added bonus, you need to sign up for these offers.  You may have received an email, or you will be prompted when you log into their web sites.  Double check the fine print.  Usually this bonus is only on the first $1,500 spent in the category.

That sounds like a big number, but we just got back from a home improvement store to buy carpeting for our basement , and we will easily hit that ceiling.  Still, I’ll take an extra $75 for buying something we were already going to buy using a credit card we already have with the funds in the bank to pay for it.  That’s how you make your money feel better.

As I always recommend, these cards are worth it as long as you are paying it off.  The extra cash back when you are paying double digit interest rates does not make your money feel better.

What’s been your biggest score with these bonus categories? — let me know in the comments below.