Must act now. 6.2% Federally Guaranteed Return

Who wants to make a guaranteed 6.2%?  I do.  With checking accounts yielding .01% and savings accounts not much better, it’s a no brainer.  Here’s the deal.  First class stamp rates are going up by 3 cents on Sunday,  January 26th to 49 cents.  If you buy the forever stamps on Friday or Saturday, you will “save” 3 cents on a 46 cent purchase.  If my math works out right (and I checked with my math teacher wife) that’s a 6.2% return.

Of course most of us do not mail many items anymore which is why the post office has to charge more for each remaining item.  The last time I needed stamps we were out which required a special trip to the post office.

If I planned better and wanted to save even more money, I could buy the stamps at Costco.  They sell stamps at a discount when you buy in bulk.  Hey, if it works for diapers, chicken nuggets, and alcohol, it should work for postage too.  Right now 100 stamps will set you back $45.75 rather than the list price  of $46.00.  If you bought 100 stamps on Friday or Saturday and used them all on Monday your return would be 7.1%

No, this is not a get rich scheme, but check around your place for stamps.  If you are running low, stock up now if you are already planning to be by a retailer that sells them.  If you had to figure in the cost of the gas for a special trip, your return could be negative really quickly.

You don’t have too many ways to get a federally guaranteed 6.2% return.  But, if you miss this one, I’m sure in a year or so you can do this again the next time stamp prices increase.

Keep making your money feel better.

One Response to “Must act now. 6.2% Federally Guaranteed Return”

  1. David Kelly January 23, 2014 at 7:57 pm #

    And the longer you wait to use them, the BIGGER your rate of return gets! WOW!