11% rebate on Menards gift cards

Companies rarely discount gift cards.  After all its just like money.  When they do you need to investigate. Menards is giving a 11% rebate on gift cards through Saturday January 11th.  Let’s see if this is a good deal.

If you live in the upper  Midwest you know  you can save big money at Menards.  (If you are reading from outside the upper Midwest, Menards is a home improvement chain that has a catchy/annoying jingle that reminds you to “Save big money at Menards”.) Every once in a while they have a sale where you get an 11% rebate.   While this is not big news, this time they are including gift cards in the deal.  Of course there is fine print:

  • The rebate is in the form of a merchandise credit.  This means that you have to spend the 11% at Menards.
  • The rebate requires a form to be filled out and you have to wait 6-8 weeks to receive it.
  • The merchandise credit has limits of how you can spend it.  For example, you cannot use the merchandise credit to buy another gift card or propane.

These limits seem reasonable and we can take advantage with some planning.  Let’s say you will be spending money this spring or summer on a home improvement project.  If you already have the money, you can buy the gift cards, fill out the form and wait for the merchandise credit.  Then when you go to buy your supplies, you use the combination of gift cards and merchandise credit to save 11% on your purchase.

Keep in mind that it does not make sense to buy the gift cards if you have to borrow the money to make the purchase.  Remember, if you carry a balance on a credit card you are borrowing money the moment you swipe the card.

Of course you could always buy and give away the gift cards and keep the merchandise credit for yourself.  Your friends or family would never know!

There are some risks.  I have not done this, so there could be extra rules I am overlooking.  Or it could be a hassle to keep track of the gift cards and merchandise credit.  If you try this, leave a comment with your experience.

So, there is a little bit of planning and work to get the deal.  However, getting 11% back on a planned home improvement purchase seems like a great way to make your money feel better.