Calling All Veterans

Kiplinger’s magazine is giving away their Social Security Solutions tool to all veterans on Veterans Day.  Normally costing $49.95, this tool shows you what your benefits would be if you started taking social security early, at normal retirement age, or if you wait until 70.

The longer you wait to start collecting Social Security results in larger payouts during your lifetime.  If you have the money resources it pays to wait, but if you do not have enough money saved for retirement you may not have a choice.

I have never used this tool, but Kiplinger’s is a trusted source for personal finance and based on their involvement I would recommend this product.

Don’t forget — this offer is only valid on Veterans day which is Monday November 11th.  Before you can use the tool, you need to create an account with social security, which you can do at any time prior to Monday.  Check out the link for all the details.

As someone who never served in the military, the least I can do is pass along this information as a way of saying thanks to those that have served.  I appreciate the sacrifices you made defending our country.  Please share this link to any and all of the Veterans you know.